As the mother of high School and college-age girls, I see first hand how focused we are on social media. Almost everything we do, we post to Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with a # or @. We want to make sure others get to see a photo, or see what we’re doing, or so that we get credit for what we’re doing.

The other morning I woke up and it had finally stopped raining after almost four straight days of downpour. It was a gorgeous fall day –  thank you Lord! My coffee smelled divine, ahhh, coffee time – thank you Jesus. My family is healthy, and I looked around my home, and I took note of how I am blessed with so many things.  Thank you God.

In my job at church I help people see how God is walking right beside them through their most difficult times in life. Every day I see answered prayers in the most difficult circumstances. When I sign my name to an email or a text after someone thanks me for helping them, I almost feel guilty signing my own name!  I found myself wishing there was a way I could sign kathy@jesus.  When I wear my NorthStar name tag, I wish there was a way to add #jesus to give him the credit instead of it just having my name on it.  It is because of Him that miracles happen every day, that prayers are being answered, that we have our health, or jobs, our families.

This week I was reading Colossians:  So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him,  rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.    That’s how God we should feel – overflowing with thankfulness for all He has done for us!

I’m not a big social media person, but I found myself wanting to tag Jesus somehow.  I know we can’t do that literally – but what if we could? What if we, even in our minds, instead of grabbing our phones to tell everyone else what we’re up to, just closed our eyes and did our own little  #thankyoujesus or thankful@jesus in our minds?  What if we, when we see our blessings, or when we’re out having fun with our friends, just silently did a little “@jesus”?

It wouldn’t matter what time we post the picture or how many “likes” we get.  Even just for a day, let’s put down our phones and @jesus for all He has done.  Maybe it will change our thinking and we’ll look at everything a little differently and we will all be a little more thankful… @jesus.

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