My name is Kristy Schmidt, and my Women’s Group is what did it for me. God used it to change my life.


I took it to heart when Pastor Mike said that joining a group is one of the most amazing things for your faith. So, I joined the Gideon group study that Kristie Borchelt was leading. I remember there being a section I really struggled with in our lesson: having patience and faith in GOD when you felt like you needed a sign from GOD to prove He was in your life. I was bummed.

Then the most amazing thing happened. I had rescued a puppy from an animal shelter, and when I went to get her heartworm test, they told me she had heartworms and it would cost me $2,000 to treat her. I was treating her the whole time with heartworm medicine, so I knew she must have gotten them before I took her on. I was really sad and ready to cry because I was debating on whether to spend the money or put her down. I couldn’t think about it anymore and decided to read my daily lesson in my Gideon book. I started reading, and the most amazing feeling came over me. I had NEVER felt this before. I became very calm and peaceful, and in my head, I heard “it will all work out.” And you know what…it did! I got a second opinion and Dani did not have heartworms!

If that wasn’t enough, earlier this year I was going through a really tough time with my family. Additionally, my boyfriend and I broke up and I was miserable at work. I went to church one day and I could have sworn that GOD was speaking to me with this portion of the Bible we were covering. I cried and cried. The lady next to me was so sweet and gave me Kleenex, and then Mike mentioned people in the front of the church that would pray for you. I went down right away and that is where I met Tina Surls. She prayed for me. Not only that, she tracked down Kristie Borchelt afterwards to tell her how sad I was.

Then, Kristie called me out of the blue! I was so amazed and touched that someone I knew through my group would reach me even though the Gideon study was done. She told me they had another group, Jonah, and that I should come, and that they would love to have me back. I went back to the group and at that moment I knew! GOD was in my life working in many different ways.

I had joined NorthStar about a year ago, and one of the things I struggled with was getting baptized again. I was baptized as a child, but it was before I had made a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ. After that group meeting I knew that I was ready to be baptized. I got baptized in May and it was the most amazing experience!

I am new to Georgia, so I have no family or friends locally. But guess who was at my baptism….MY GROUP!

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