“Mommy, what are you going to be when you grow up?”


Oh son, be sure to let me know your comedy tour schedule so I can attend your shows.




He wasn’t joking. Or laughing.


My sweet, precious, foot-in-your mouth child was completely serious and he asked again.


“Where will you work when you grow up mom?”


Let me put down this overflowing laundry basket so I can give you my undivided attention.


What did he mean, “When I grow up?”  Anyone with decent vision around here can clearly see my purpose right?  Isn’t it obvious?  I DO ALL.THE.THINGS.


I wasn’t always a stay at home mom.  There was a season in our lives that I worked long hours outside of the home while raising a child. When we were finally in a place in our lives that I was able to stay home, I was overjoyed because I have always wanted to be a mom, what an incredible responsibility and honor.


Although the bible doesn’t mention my profession as a mom specifically, it sure has plenty to say about our role as mothers and this gift of motherhood.


Keeping the household running like a well oiled machine is a full time job, but let’s be honest.  It can get repetitive.  VERY REPETITIVE.  And it all seems, well, quite uninspiring.  But, here’s the glorious part.


If we can somehow shift our perspective from I HAVE TO and instead say I GET TO, there’s so much freedom waiting on the other side of those 3 words.


     5 Ways to Shift your Parenting Perspective


  1.  I GET to train: helping our children to discover their strengths (Proverbs 22:6) and develop their skills and spiritual gifts.( Romans 12:3-8)


  1. I GET to teach: from a biblical worldview perspective (Deuteronomy 4:10)


  1. I GET to be involved: shuttling to and from their activities, discussing, thinking, interacting and processing life together Ephesians 6:4)


  1. I GET to nurture: constantly providing an environment of unconditional love, acceptance, affection, and freedom to fail ( Peter 3:8-9), (Ephesians 5:1-2)


  1. I GET to be available: 24/7, morning, noon and night (Deuteronomy 6:6-7)


Mom.  It’s a title without a paycheck. Without a W2.  And, perhaps to some, doesn’t even seem likes it qualifies as a job.  But I pray that when our children are grown, they’ll look back on our time together and realize that when I grew up, being their mom was the best job I ever had.


Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca Hansen

Rebecca and her husband Chris reside in the suburbs of Atlanta with their two young children and rescue pup. She has experienced great loss, the overwhelming favor of God and everything in between. When she's not writing, you will find her sampling cheese dip at local Mexican restaurants (her true calling), helping at her children's schools or cheering from the stands on a baseball field.

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