Date nights can be some of the absolute best nights! Whether you are dating or married with kids, the dedicated time to the person you care about can be the highlight of your day. In the Kennesaw/Acworth area, there are no shortage of ways to spend your evening. The traditional choices, like dinner and a movie, are of course available, but there are a few unique options as well.


The downtown areas of Kennesaw and Acworth have been rejuvenated and feature numerous restaurants worth your time (and your appetite!). From quaint and quiet to a party atmosphere, there is something for everyone. Here are just a few:

Trackside Grill, Kennesaw
Nestled in the middle of downtown Kennesaw, this restaurant features a varied menu of mostly upscale American food with a southern feel. There are staple dishes like buttermilk fried chicken as well as a rotating seasonal menu.  Occasionally you may get a view of the train, given the restaurant’s namesake is no accident.

Ippolitos, Kennesaw
Featuring a classic brickwall with Italian photos and paintings, this classic Italian restaurant is one of the more underrated stops in Kennesaw. Moderately priced with all of the Italian staples (also amazing garlic bread!), this is a great spot in Kennesaw.

Henry’s Louisiana Grill, Acworth
Arguably the most popular restaurant in the area, Henry’s has become a community icon. The restaurant’s owner and namesake has crafted many of his own Cajun recipes on the menu (including the famous “Ooh La La”) but includes Cajun staple like gumbo and jambalaya. Rarely quiet, Henry’s almost always has a vibrant and party-like atmosphere and the food never disappoints. This is a must if you have never been!

Fish Thyme, Acworth
While it is rare to find quality seafood away from the coast, this is certainly one of the exceptions. Just outside of downtown Acworth, this restaurant features upscale approaches to fish of the sea as well as river fish like trout. As per usual, there are options for those that prefer not to dabble in seafood as well.


Movie Theater
There are plenty of movie theaters in the area to choose from, including Regal and AMC in the Town Center area, but the Acworth NCG Cinema is the strongest option. Featuring large theaters and comfortable chairs, NCG always has the top new releases available.

A date-night classic, mini-golf is a simple way to have a good time. There are three options in the area, including Mountasia and Monster Golf in the Town Center area or, if you feel like traveling a little bit, there is Lakepoint Station in Cartersville. Featuring mini-golf, laser tag and more, it is a place that certainly keeps you busy.

Perfect for a double-date, bowling is a go-to option. There are several options including the Bowlero in Kennesaw, Stars and Strikes just beyond Acworth in Dallas, with both locations featuring all of the amenities in modern bowling.

Roller Skating
In the mood for a throw-back date night? Then a trip to the roller-rink could be in store. Just outside of the Town Center area lie Sparkles skating rink. The rink is a staple of the area and has been around for a while and can add a little character to an evening out.


If you are willing to travel…

There are plenty of things to do in the metro area, but there are two in particular in the central/ southern part of Cobb County that are worth Mentioning.

Marietta Square
Marietta square has been featured in major movies, has historical significance and like many towns in the are has unique characteristics and features. There are a host of restaurants and bars as well as two theaters in the area. The classic Strand Theatre features open mic comedy, game nights, classic movie showings as well as live performances.  There is also the New Theatre on the Square which features diverse live performances.

The Battery Atlanta
The obvious center of the Battery is SunTrust Park, but there is more to do in the Battery than just see the Braves (hopefully) win a game. There are numerous restaurants like Antico Pizzeria and venues for shows and concerts like the new Roxy theatre. If you have never been, it is certainly worth a trip to the Battery.

Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson

Lee Wilson works for Chick-fil-A and has been attending NorthStar Church with his family for nearly a decade. A big Atlanta sports fan, Lee loves to write and serves as a bass guitarist on the NorthStar Worship team.

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