Looking for a place to celebrate Christmas or to establish a new holiday tradition this year? Look no further! Here are five reasons to include NorthStar Church in your Christmas Eve plans this year!


1. The “Why”

There’s a sense of anticipation every Christmas Eve, and it’s a great opportunity to reflect on why we even celebrate Christmas to begin with. Jesus’ arrival was not what you might expect for the Savior of the world, but his humble birth in a stable told us all that he would be making a different kind of mark on the world – and on our hearts.

2. The Photos

One of the standing traditions on the NorthStar campus for Christmas Eve is the variety of photo spots available for you to get some fantastic family keepsakes. Perhaps the most popular setting will be the human-sized snow globe that you can actually climb inside!

3. The People

Warm smiles, friendly waves, and kind words are always found across campus on a typical day at NorthStar, and never more so than on Christmas Eve! Some of the most incredible volunteers have made NorthStar their home, and they set the stage for you and your family to have an exceptional experience.

4. The Music

What is Christmas Eve without Christmas songs? With a mix of traditional and modern music, there’s something for everyone.  And, we cap off the night with an all-time favorite!

5. The Candles

Without a doubt, this takes the cake every year! From the beginning, lighting the candles and holding them high as we sing Silent Night has been the one part of Christmas Eve that draws the crowds each and every year. There’s no more beautiful sight to take into your family’s Christmas celebration!